Monday, March 12, 2012

The New Structure

Since the withdrawal of Eric from G2, we have decided to change the line-up for 2012:

Spring: Antic #3 and #4

Summer: Raptor Sniper: Black Ops / Antic #5

Fall and Winter:
KV #1-4 and The Triad Trade (96-pages!)

The End of an Era

From Writer/Project Coordinator Eric Glastetter:

I would like to formally announce, with sincere regret, that I have made the decision to withdraw from my position with G2 Comics effective 03/12/12, to pursue other avenues in my writing. I wish Daniel Gracey the best of luck; we have discussed this move and I can assure you Dan and I will always remain friends - this decision was mine alone and was in no way related to G2 Comics. I wish the best of luck to the creative teams I have been working with, including Tal Hertweck (still and always my Kross,) Evan Thomas (the dinosaur man,) Autumn Richardson, Angelica Loomis, Fran Jung and Michael Brewer. I will continue to work closely with up and coming author Aiden Lowell in pursuit of his project, The Moirae. Autumn Richardson has graciously agreed to take over my current projects - including Kross and Vengeance. (She will be writing #3 and #4 for G2.) I have the fullest confidence that she will do great things for the project and hope to see her reach greatness in the comic industry - she is a spectacular writer. Thanks to Dan and the G2 team for all of their outstanding work on my various projects. I look forward to seeing new projects from them in the future. The team is truly a talented group of individuals, both on staff and freelance teams. And my deepest thanks to each of the fans of our books - without you, all these things inside of me would never get out.

(Daniel) I would like to thank Eric for all of his hard work, support and dedication to G2 Comics these past 3 years. He will be missed, but will always have a door open to him at G2. Thanks to Autumn Richardson for picking up the KV series for books 3 and 4. In homage to Eric's last creation for G2, we are planning on releasing KV back-to-back each month this year, beginning in August. Also, The Triad #4: Part 2 will be combined with the rest of The Triad series into a 96-page trade by the end of the year! We are sad to see Eric go, but wish him well in his future endeavors, and are grateful for his availability to consult on future projects from the Triad Universe.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

G2 in Chicago

Daniel is finally settled in to Chicago and working on getting caught up with Battles and Antic.

We have updated the web Gallery with new images and are looking forward to bringing you more videos and extras. The first of which will be from Lucid World creator: James Pinard. He is working on a trailer to promote his zombie book "Lucid World" (Jan/Feb 2012) featuring artists from all over the world! Check out the video in our extras section in the next couple of weeks!

That's about all for now...more this week!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The New G2!

First off, we would like to apologize to our fans for backing out of Wizard World: Mid-Ohio. We are very upset that we are not able to make it back to the state that has been so good to us this year. Daniel was met with a last-minute opportunity (of which the specifics can not yet be revealed), but this opportunity is going to very much benefit G2 and our fans in 2012!

But the action has not stopped...may have slowed a little, but nevertheless! Even through all the events taking place in the background, we are still planning on releasing some great books this year! The list is as follows:

Battles #1 and #2 (Oct/Nov)
Antic #3 (Nov)
Lucid World (Nov/Dec)
The Triad #4: Part 2 (December)

New for for 2012:

Kross and Vengeance
League o' Tards
The Outcasts (unofficial title)
All Hell

...and more!

Thanks for sticking with us as we undergo some changes to prepare for a tremendous 2012!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As is typical of the G2 team, there are tons of plans and projects in the works - so we're here to give you a quick rundown of things past and present, and most importantly, the future!!!
As far as what is past, the G2 "Storm" hit Chicago much like we had hoped it would. We sold some books, saw some old fans (thanks Tony, Justin and Jose!) and made some new ones, and of course played a great game of "Hotel Sniper" this time without the Hotel Security. Tal Hertweck, G2's very own model, drew a lot of attention on Friday and Saturday as Kross, the latest and greatest character starring in the forthcoming Kross & Vengeance book due out early next year, with preview pages and a brief glimpse of Kross in the conclusion of Triad #4 (part 2!) Dan and Tal had an awesome photoshoot which you can see now on Facebook, and we will see in more detail in upcoming previews and perhaps a few prints. Tal also drew the attention of Chicago radio station WGTR, and was joined by Eric Glastetter in giving the station an exclusive teaser interview revealing some of the intricacies of "Kross & Vengeance!" Evan Thomas was in Chicago at the G2 booth as well, and did a little book-signing along with Dan and Eric on the Raptor Samurai book, which was wildly popular!
Speaking of the Raptor Samurai - Dan assures G2 readers that "Raptor Samurai" will be available for digital download and in print through the website by 10 pm tonight (8/17/11) - so be sure to get your copy today! And if you haven't picked up "Raptor Sniper: One Shot" yet, now is the perfect time to get caught up on the story of Billy William the Veloci-er... the Utahraptor. Sadly, we'll be slowing down a little on the Raptor series (just until early 2012) to get some other projects done, including "Antic" #3 and "Battles #1: Marathon"; "Triad #4, Part 2"; and Dan's pet project, "Trad Com" - a precursor to "Antic #1"! G2 will be revealing this comic page on 5 foot, oil painted canvas at the MidOhio Comic Con in October!
We are also continuing to sponsor and publish new talent as part of the G2 Studios commitment to the next generation of graphic story-telling. Keep watching for the release of "Lucid World" by creative team James Pinard, Miguel Guerra, Michael Brewer, and Sanju Nivangune. We are also going forward with projects from Autumn Richardson (Writer, "All Hell") and Aiden Lowell (Writer, "The Moirae"). In addition we are continuing to accept submissions.
On a very important side note: Congratulations to Amanda Carrie Kateri Bruns for winning the exclusive Wizard World G2 sketch of her favorite superheros! She chose to have the G2 team sketched in costume. Evan sketched himself as a Raptor, a tribute to one of his favorite subjects, Raptor Samurai, while Dan chose to show himself as G2Man! Although Eric probably should have chosen to have himself portrayed as The Angel of Death, he chose to be represented by "The Punisher" (almost the same thing, right?) - and he plays the part well! Check out the finished sketch on G2's Facebook page!
One final thought: though the Raptor series will take a backseat to some of the other key projects we have planned for the year, Eric is hard at work finishing up the script for the next humorous book from G2, "The League of Tards" and will soon begin writing "Raptor Sniper: Black Ops" and "Raptor Sniper: Zombie Apocalypse", while developing the spin-off books, "Ape-Sh*t: Tales of the Reverend Simian" and "DOSK: The Department of SideKicks." Look forward to a long future for these characters! Thanks to all our fans, old and new, and thanks for reading G2 Comics!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's been a little while since our last post. We have been working on completing the next installment in the raptor series: "Raptor Samurai," which is going to be available TOMORROW at Wizard World Chicago! We also hope to get it up on Drive-Thru this weekend for digital download.

Wizard World Chicago is a mere 29 hours away, and we couldn't be more excited! Evan Thomas (Raptor Samurai penciler) will be joining us at the booth (#3652), along with Tal Rich, who will be modeling as the character Kross from our new series: Kross and Vengeance (coming this fall).

Daniel and Evan will be taking commissions at the convention, and Daniel will be doing some artwork for one of our lucky facebook fans! (Drawing date TBD).

Along with that, Daniel will be working on interior pencils for K&V and Battles #1 at the con, and hopes to have some teasers online this weekend. Antic #3 will resume immediately upon our return from the con...expect that in September.

We will be updating FROM THE CON, so keep an eye out for Pics, posts and Interviews from Wizard World Chicago!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cape Con Recap

What a tremendous opportunity to have been part of the CapeCon Comic Convention in Cape Girardeau, Missouri this past weekend! We met some outstanding new fans and made some new friends! Among those were the guys at Nerd Word; check out their Facebook page and just go ahead and click LIKE - they were a great bunch of guys who love comics, gaming and all of geekdom!
We also found a new home for some of our favorite titles - the Raptor Sniper book will now be available at the Marvels and Legends Store in Cape Girardeau, and The Hour of the Dragon Store in Sikeston, Missouri! The Raptor book is definitely a hot commodity - so be sure to get yours while you can (if you haven't already!) Also, look for the Raptor Samurai book to drop sometime in July - Evan Thomas is hard at work on the interior pencils, Michael Brewer is on inks, and Daniel will be taking on the role of coloring and lettering, as well as all that boss-like stuff like getting the book printed and in the stores. It's been a whirlwind project - and one that we've been producing as the script is being written. We really want to get that book into the hands of all our fans! As a sneak peek - Dan should be getting the prints for Raptor Samurai up online to purchase sometime later this week, along with prints for Antic 3 and Kross and Vengeance, the follow up to The Triad which is in the early stages of production and should see a late fall release this year yet.
Speaking of Kross and Vengeance - we're very excited to welcome aboard another addition to the G2 team - Tal Hertweck of She's a very talented seamstress and character model who will be donning her very own Kross costume for Wizard World Chicago. She appeared at Cape Con as "Revy" of the Black Lagoon anime series, the sultry "Black Cat" from the Spiderman comics, and "Cheyenne Freemont" the sexy female "Nightwing!" We are thrilled to have her with us, and we're sure the fanboys will be too!
A special thanks needs to go to Ken Murphy who coordinated the Cape Con and was a gracious host - we at G2 can be primadonnas sometimes (LOL!) We also want to be sure to thank every fan who stopped by and made a purchase, and those who just browsed. We met some up and coming young talent, and some great costumed characters! Thanks especially to Harley and Rorschach - you know who you are - for being our biggest new fans. Finally - thanks to Evan Thomas who joined us for the first time as part of the G2 team at the Cape Con! He brought his portfolio, his prints, and hammered out several commissions during his time at the booth. He was great to hang with and added a lot to the G2 booth!